KCRCreativeKits specializes in inspiring children to learn through play(dough)! We make our own non-toxic, preservative free playdough, and we pair it with accessories that have been meticulously chosen to deliver a fun, sensory based learning experience. 

About the playdough..

Our playdough is handmade with love one batch at a time, and as such, you can expect to sometimes see some minor variations in texture and color. It is taste safe, but it isn't tasty, so we don't directly encourage consumption.

The ingredients are simple: flour, salt, vegetable oil, cream of tartar, water, and bakery grade food colorings.

Why did the top layer of my dough get crunchy? With the lack of preservatives, tiny crystals can sometimes form on the top of the playdough if it is exposed to air for too long. Try to keep the dough in its air tight container and it can stay fresh for quite a while! But if it gets left out, don't worry! Simply add a pea sized amount of oil to your dough and knead it back to the appropriate consistency.

How it all began..

Like a lot of people, Covid drastically changed things for me and my family. In 2020 I was teaching 2nd grade, and at that time, I had no idea that when I packed up my classroom for spring break that March, I would never be coming back. 

All of a sudden, I was virtually teaching 8 year old students while sharing a home office space with my husband, and juggling different ways to keep our toddler entertained. It quickly became apparent that the easy answer was screens. Whether it be an iPad or the TV, we knew that was a sure fire way to keep her busy while we got some work done, but we also knew that was not healthy or sustainable for the long run. Around that same time, our daughter was also diagnosed with a speech delay, so I started to search for not just screen free ways to keep her entertained, but ways to keep her engaged in her therapy as well. In came sensory play. 

I quickly learned how important sensory play was for our daughter. She was (and still is!) a real sensory seeker. Anything that she could dig her hands into that allowed her to explore her senses seemed to be the best way for us to get some work done, and keep her happy at the same time! Sensory play encourages learning through exploration, develops problem solving skills, and nourishes creativity. It is also important for building nerve connections in the brain, and encourages the development of language and motor skills, making it crucial for our specific journey through speech development. 

At first, we would fill bins up with rice and beans, letting her hide and dig for toys. It was so much fun, but so incredibly messy! We found that playdough was a great option, but it was being left out to dry all the time, and was expensive to replace. It finally dawned on me that we could make our own playdough at home, and the rest is history! 

The idea behind our sensory kits is that we could have the playdough and its corresponding accessories all packed up in one kit. This allowed us the opportunity to teach our daughter responsibility in packing up her kits to keep the dough fresh, and it also became really fun to make different kits, taking turns playing with each one.

Now, we are blessed with the ability to share our kits and encourage learning through play in kids all over the country, our favorite community being the one we have right here in Greenville! You can find us at local events like farmer’s markets, mommy and me classes, even birthday parties! We love any chance we get to share our family’s passion for learning through play. Hope to meet you soon!