Why learning through play?

Children use all of their senses during play, which allows them to build stronger connections in their understanding of the world around them. It also allows them to build important skills, like fine motor & dexterity skills, critical thinking & creativity skills, and social/communication skills. When children find joy & meaning in what they are doing, their minds are the most porous of sponges, soaking in every moment.

Why playdough?

Playdough has many benefits, like...

  • increasing fine motor & gross motor development (all that muscle building in little hands!)
  • providing an open canvas for creativity & cognitive development
  • offering a soothing & calming experience (even for us adults!)
  • developing sensory exposure

Why choose our kits?

Each playdough party kit of ours is hand crafted with love & made to...

  • include unique opportunities for learning specific concepts (example: gardening, pollination, habitats) meticulously crafted by a former teacher & veteran mom
  • offer the convenience of being compact with easy cleanup and even easier storage
  • LAST! while our dough is edible and lacks preservatives, if it is stored in its air tight container, it will last months! This is also a great opportunity for developing some accountability for our kiddos.
  • be a fantastic break from screens, while relaxing & grounding our children